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Osmose Introduces FastGate for ArcGIS

Osmose has developed a new software offering to work directly with ESRI's ArcGIS products. FastGate Mobile for ArcGIS that will give Arc users a streamlined, field-friendly way to collect, update, and maintain external plant data that is stored in an ArcGIS geodatabase. FastGate Mobile for ArcGIS is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop tools, specifically ArcCatalog and ArcMap.

FastGate Mobile for ArcGIS is based directly on the ESRI data model so it can be customized for utility-specific uses. Map-based FastGate Mobile software is widely used to speed and automate the data-capture process by Osmose crews in all 50 states and by utilities around the country.

FastGate Mobile for ArcGIS works in conjunction with the ArcGIS Desktop tools to define the objects and attributes to be collected, create data extracts from the geodatabase, and execute data transfers between the geodatabase and FastGate Mobile.

While FastGate Mobile for ArcGIS was developed specifically for electric utilities, water and pipeline utilities that use ESRI tools to manage field data will also benefit from its unique capabilities.

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