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OSIsoft Unveils PI Notifications and PI AF 2.0

OSIsoft has announced the availability of PI Notifications, an alarm and alerting infrastructure, and PI AF 2.0, the underlying structural database. PI Notifications and PI AF extend data management and real-time event notification delivery with intuitive visualization and a highly integrated infrastructure, enabling customers to easily access, organize and provide alerts on their data. The new offerings within the PI System data historian platform deliver enhanced scalability, redundancy and workflow management across the enterprise.

Alerts and alarms created with PI Notifications are stored in the PI Server, ensuring they are readily available for fast search and analysis. Because of its flexibility and capacity to organize millions of assets, PI AF will play a critical role in asset-intensive industries, including the T&D market, to support initiatives such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure and the integration of real-time data with models such as Common Information Model.

The only comprehensive solution that enables customers to continually build value into the PI System infrastructure, PI Notifications and PI AF meet customers' organizational and alerting needs by storing all content on a centralized server and supporting templates for both asset structure and alarm conditions. In addition to alerting and alarming, the combined solution offers:

  • Organization of all enterprise-wide data, including non-PI data in AF.
  • Reuse and template support of asset structure and notification rules.
  • Redundant calculation engine.
  • Extensible architecture on which to customize logic and rules.
  • Historical archiving of all alarms and message delivery for auditing and analysis needs.
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