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OSI Launches Monarch Lite Platform for Substation Automation

Open Systems International, Inc.’s monarch lite software platform is configured and packaged not only for small SCADA applications, but also offered as a flexible and open substation automation platform. OSI’s monarch lite is a streamlined and optimized version of OSI’s monarch architecture installed worldwide and is virtually identical in functionality and features. Monarch lite software is based on open industry standards including Windows or Linux and DNP or IEC communications protocols, and can use all common hardened substation automation hardware equipment, such as those offered by GarrettCom, RuggedCom, and SEL and can also be installed on hardened platforms including those offered by SEL.

OSI’s monarch lite substation automation platform features a flexible communications architecture and is a hardware-independent solution, capable of running on all standard off-the-shelf, substation-hardened hardware and features advanced functions including process monitoring, a redundant/failover configuration option and full multiple-client support, as well as Web-based Graphical User Interface, secure ICCP communications, real-time/historical trending and historical information system and data archiving. OSI’s monarch lite system has fault-tolerant capabilities including a rugged industrial server, RAID disk capability and rugged half-height cabinet.Standard configurations can be further enhanced with an array of optional hardware and software features including custom RTU protocols, additional consoles, printers, master synchronization, redundancy, manual operator log, centralized database and display maintenance, DNP slave license, OSIRIS Remote Terminal Unit, GPS time source and additional applications software, as well as training, installation and general engineering assistance. The monarch lite platform can readily interface with additional third-party products including IEDs, Relational Database Historians and other customer-defined applications.

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