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OSI Begins to Ship Production Units of Osiris Secure Remote Terminal Unit

Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) has successfully completed the beta and market testing of Osiris, an innovative and versatile secure Linux-based remote terminal unit and has started delivery of production units to customers. The first orders were shipped on Jan. 17, 2006.

Designed for the electric power, gas and water industries, Osiris was developed to address the security, network connectivity and general feature limitations of legacy remote terminal units. (Osiris is an acronym for OSI Remote Information System).

Osiris is a next-generation remote telemetry unit using the open source Linux operating system and a powerful RISC processor. Osiris features a small form factor and has multi-functional capabilities; the unit is configurable as a slave or master device and can be used as a data concentrator, secure substation gateway or a secure and hardened communication router. Osiris supports SSL and encryption as well as other active built-in intelligent security measures. Osiris supports a variety of protocols including secure DNP, IEC and TASE2.

As the beta test was conducted, OSI was able to integrate many of the suggestions and comments of the test users into the production phase. This integrated approach allows OSI to bring to market a device that meets the varied needs of our current user-base and provides unlimited possibilities for future usage.

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