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OSI and Milsoft Products Pass Interoperability Tests

Open Systems International, Inc. and Milsoft have successfully passed interoperability tests for interfaces between OSI's monarch (Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture) SCADA and Distribution Management platform and Milsoft’s DisSPatch and Windmil products in compliance with MultiSpeak 3.0 standards. The monarch platform is a modern control system architecture for supporting the monitoring, controlling, scheduling and optimization of complex network operations for the electric, oil and gas, transportation, and water industries.

Milsoft’s Outage Management System (OMS), DisSPatch, uses the interface to retrieve breaker operations as well as substation voltages and currents from monarch to detect outage events or restorations. Through the interface, the monarch system can also actively detect outages and restorations as they occur and relay those notifications to the DisSPatch OMS in real-time, allowing the location of service interruptions to be more quickly identified and repaired.

Similarly, Milsoft’s Windmil product can also retrieve breaker operations, as well as substation voltages and currents, from monarch through the interface to run the fault locator utility or (in the case of feeder current data) to run a load allocation study.

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