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Oracle Utilities Network Management System 1.9.0 Delivers Enhanced Distribution Management

Oracle has announced the availability of its Utilities Network Management System 1.9.0, an integrated suite of real-time operations applications that provide a foundation to support smart grid initiatives. This release continues to expand the application's outage and distribution management tools, which are designed to help utilities efficiently distribute power, improve network reliability, access real-time outage data, quickly direct field crews to outage locations, reduce outage durations, increase customer satisfaction and make more informed asset-utilization decisions.

Oracle Utilities Network Management System operates on a common data model and delivers a set of services that promote operational efficiencies and IT savings.

Availability and New Enhancement Details

  • Now generally available, Oracle Utilities Network Management System 1.9.0 includes several distribution management enhancements including:
  • Feeder Load Management - Enables utilities to proactively forecast power distribution requirements and plan actions to mitigate distribution challenges before they occur.
  • Fault Location Analysis - Improves operational efficiency by providing utilities with the probable location of a fault - enabling dispatchers to quickly and accurately route field crews to the fault location, accelerating outage resolution.
  • Suggested Switching - Generates an optimal set of switching sequences to relieve feeder overloads - preventing outages before they occur and saving utilities time and money.
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