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Oracle System Accelerates Advanced Metering Infrastructure Integration

Modesto Irrigation District and Old Dominion Electric Cooperative recently selected Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management to support the loading, validation, editing and estimation (VEE) of meter data. The enterprise-class application suite built on open standards is designed for high levels of automation and scalability to meet utilities' current and future needs and to help reduce ongoing IT operation and support costs.

Modesto Irrigation District generates, transmits and distributes electricity to more than 91,270 residential and about 12,700 commercial and industrial customers; markets wholesale power; provides irrigation water for agriculture; and treats drinking water for the city of Modesto, California. The multi-service utility plans to replace every residential and commercial electric meter in its system -- about 100,000 total -- with advanced digital smart meters over the next six months. The system will provide MID with real-time data that will allow the utility to accelerate repairs during power outages, reduce the number of miles traveled to read meters -- resulting in cleaner air and lower gasoline expense -- and implement innovative demand response programs to save energy. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management will provide a streamlined, centralized, robust meter data management system required to support MID's SMART meter program. The Oracle solution will serve as the system of record for meter messaging, reads, validations and interfaces to key automated metering infrastructure and related systems. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management interfaces with varying types or brands of meter, providing real-time reads and the ability to disconnect or reconnect the meter.

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, a wholesale electric generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative located in Glen Allen, Va., selected Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management to automate manual reporting and analysis processes. Previously, aggregating data across all the cooperative's service points was a cumbersome manual task. With Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management, ODEC will be able to automate these processes and quickly and efficiently gather accurate usage data.

Oracle recently released Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 1.5, which includes enhancements to help accelerate advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) integrations to ultimately lower implementation costs for utilities that are implementing smart metering programs to detect outages more quickly, drive energy efficiency initiatives and provide more accurate billing information to customers. The new release builds on Oracle's commitment to providing utilities with industry-specific applications that are pre-integrated with other Oracle product offerings. Utilities can also leverage the integrated solution to manage meter commissioning, on-demand readings and remote connects/disconnects.

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