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Oracle Contributes Enhancements To Linux Community

Oracle has announced new projects and code contributions designed to augment the enterprise-class capabilities of Linux. These contributions are further proof of Oracle's dedication to helping ensure enterprises' success with Linux.

A result of on-going work with the Linux community and strategic partners, Oracle has spearheaded enhancements including: development of a new file system designed for superior scaling; porting the popular Yet another Setup Tool (YaST) to Oracle Enterprise Linux and the fully compatible Red Hat Enterprise Linux; open sourcing tools to streamline testing, collaborating on an interface for comprehensive data integrity and developing a new asynchronous I/O interface to reduce complexity. These contributions are available under appropriate open source licenses.

"One of greatest assets of the Linux operating system is the Linux and open source communities -- which are directly responsible for the success that Linux has had in the market," said Al Gillen, research vice president System Software, IDC. "With contributions from individuals and from the vendor community alike, Linux continues grow and evolve as an enterprise-class platform for data center deployments."

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