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OPOWER Unveils New Energy Efficiency Program with Seattle City Light

Seattle City Light, the nation’s ninth largest public electric utility, has launched a new energy efficiency program based on the OPOWER Home Energy Report. Beginning Oct. 14, 20,000 randomly selected homeowners in the Seattle area began receiving comparative Home Energy Reports, providing residential customers with the critical information needed to reduce energy consumption and save money on their monthly utility bills.

The OPOWER Home Energy Reports are created using advanced analytics to evaluate customers’ energy usage patterns, combined with behavioral science techniques proven to motivate action. Each report provides an anonymous, detailed analysis of individual monthly energy use as compared to similar households within the same geographic location, while recommending specific energy efficiency tips for every customer based on their household characteristics. The program is expected to generate more than $500,000 in electricity bill savings for Seattle residents over the next 12 months—all through simple behavior changes and by utilizing the energy efficiency tips provided in the Home Energy Reports.

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