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Open Source Tool Helps Utilities Test for Vulnerabilities in Meters

Open Source Tool Helps Utilities Test for Vulnerabilities in Meters

SecureState has announced the upcoming release of Termineter 2, the highly anticipated new version of the only tool that allows authorized users to assess the security of smart utility meters.

The tool was created by SecureState's Research & Innovation Team to address rising concern over the ability of malicious hackers to manipulate critical infrastructure services such as electric, gas and water.

"When the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act came out, it included a government push for smarter technology to improve the functionality of the grid; however there was a lack of emphasis on enforcing security standards and that's where the idea for Termineter came into place," Matthew Neely, the director of SecureState's Research & Innovation Team said.

The goal of a public release for this utility is to promote security awareness for smart meters and provide a tool that brings basic testing capabilities to the community and meter manufactures so that security can be improved. Utilities providers can use the framework to identify and validate internal flaws that leave them susceptible to fraud and attacks.

"We want to raise awareness of the issue, so that providers can ensure their systems are secure prior to and after deployment," Neely said.

Termineter gives users fine-grained control and direct access to the data on the meter, and the updated release improves upon the functionality of the tool and contains some bug fixes.

Neither Termineter nor the modules contained within it carry any vendor specific information. The design of this tool was largely dependent on the ANSI published standards, which can be purchased by the general population.

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