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Ontario Utility to Deploy 5000 Smart Meters

Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. (Milton Hydro) will fortify electrical smart metering activity throughout the town of Milton, Ontario, Canada, for 2006. Using OZZ Energy Solutions Inc. (OZZ) as its implementation partner, Milton Hydro is poised to deploy upward of 5000 electrical smart meters to households across its distribution territory, using Trilliant Networks’ advanced wireless mesh communications infrastructure.

This mesh technology facilitates two-way meter communication between a residence and utility. This means that, in addition to collecting consumption data at the meter, Milton will be able to broaden its base of customers who access information on, and constructively use, new regulated time-of-use (TOU) or market pricing.

"Milton is further advancing our smart metering activity based on the demonstrated strength of the mesh communications infrastructure," declared Don Thorne, president and CEO of Milton Hydro. "The technology has undergone testing by our engineering department, and we are satisfied with the results. Used in conjunction with time-of-use rates, this smart metering technology will empower our customers to evaluate their consumption behavior and begin to strategize and implement conservation and demand measures within their homes."

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