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Ontario Electricity Distributors Prepared to Implement Government's Smart Meter Initiative

Ontario's local electricity distribution companies (LDCs) stand prepared and ready to implement the government's smart meter initiative says the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA). As electricity distribution company leaders gathered in Toronto last week for a major energy conference, ENERCOM, utility conservation activities and smart meter implementation were prominent topics of discussion.

Over the past year, Ontario's LDCs have been at the forefront of introducing innovative energy conservation programs in their communities and launching smart meter pilot projects designed to support the creation of a "conservation culture" in Ontario.

"The electricity distribution sector recognizes the importance of substantial and timely conservation measures in the face of Ontario's supply challenges," says EDA Chair Michael Angemeer.

Earlier this week provincial legislation was passed, Bill 21, the Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2005, which is intended to provide the framework to implement the government's smart metering initiative in the province.

"As the entities that will own, install, operate and maintain smart meters, Ontario's electricity distributors realize the importance of having a framework that facilitates the implementation of this important government initiative," says EDA CEO Charlie Macaluso. "Regulations to further facilitate smart meter implementation will continue to flow out of the new legislation over the coming weeks. It is critical that the roles and responsibilities of all key players, including the government and regulators, are clearly delineated in order to successfully implement the initiative."

The EDA looks forward to working cooperatively with the provincial government in helping formulate these important regulations. This includes decisions by the government that still need to be made concerning various elements of Bill 21, including the direction and role of the Smart Meter Entity.

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