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Omaha PPD Selects Itron Enterprise Edition for Meter Data Management

Omaha Public Power District (Nebraska) will purchase Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE) Meter Data Management solution for more than 310,000 electric meters. OPPD joins 22 other investor-owned and publicly owned utilities that have deployed Itron’s Meter Data Management solution.

Itron’s meter data management software will work with Itron’s ChoiceConnect AMR system, allowing OPPD to efficiently manage out-of-route and off-cycle reads in addition to collecting on-cycle billing reads through its mobile AMR system. By collecting and storing out-of-route reads in a central database, OPPD will be able to avoid field orders to obtain off-cycle readings, further enhancing the value of its mobile AMR System.

“Itron Enterprise Edition enables us to streamline field operations that require more frequent meter readings and leverage the value of this data across the enterprise. Our costs are lowered and our customers are better served,” said Juli Comstock, manager of customer operations technology for OPPD.

IEE’s open architecture allows utilities to deploy a single MDM tool to support all types of metering-based data—interval, register, and event data—collected from residential, as well as commercial and industrial customer segments. IEE has been designed to solve a key business challenge facing utilities by eliminating many of the inefficiencies and integration difficulties that arise from operating and maintaining multiple meter data collection systems.

Eric Miller, vice president for Itron Software Solutions, said OPPD’s decision represents a sound strategic investment for the long term because the product supports multiple technologies and accommodates a wide range of data sources.

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