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Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Selects Data Access and Reporting Service

Cogent Technology Group's Data Access and Reporting Service (DARS) has been chosen by the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) to manage its market settlement data as it enters the ERCOT power generation market.

Cogent's DARS service is a hosted software service that facilitates the electronic receipt of business data from a company's trading partners. DARS parses incoming data into databases while providing client-access to the data directly via VPN or by the distribution of select reports. The service handles data in many formats including XML, EDI, Excel, CSV and TSV.

The Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority is a state government agency that wanted a third-party service to periodically retrieve and report on data from the growing ERCOT real-time electricity market and the other markets in which it participates. With the DARS service, OMPA expects to significantly reduce the amount of time that it spends on the complexities of the ERCOT Market Information System, and to increase confidence in the settlement process by assuring the integrity of the market data.

Within the energy space, DARS currently serves clients using data provisioned by the ERCOT, CAISO, MISO and NYISO independent system operators (ISOs); and the ISO-NE, PJM and SPP regional transmission organizations (RTOs).

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