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Oklahoma Gas & Electric Implementing Silver Spring Solution

Oklahoma Gas & Electric is implementing Silver Spring technology to power demand response programs to consumers recruited for a study in Norman, Oklahoma. These programs will give consumers the awareness, connectivity and control they need to use energy more wisely, save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

As part of the current deployment phase of OG&E’s Positive Energy Smart Grid program, Silver Spring is leading the utility’s implementation of a fully integrated demand response solution to consumers in Norman, Oklahoma, including the selection, deployment and operation of the Home Area Networking devices. These devices, such as smart thermostats and in-home displays allow consumers to participate in time-of-use pricing programs. Through Silver Spring’s CustomerIQ web portal, formerly known as Greenbox, study participants have a simple, engaging interface for understanding, tracking and managing their energy use in real-time. In addition, Silver Spring is providing its UtilityIQ back-office software to manage the demand response functionality, as well as integration services across a range of applications. The Silver Spring Demand Response solution is fully integrated with the company’s end-to-end, IP-based Smart Energy Platform.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that consumers will reduce their energy consumption by about five to 15 percent when they can understand what they’re using and how much it costs. Savings approximately double when awareness is coupled with in-home devices that can be set to automatically respond to price signals or other information. OG&E’s pilot study in the summer of 2008 with a limited number of consumers confirmed these findings. Consumers in the study achieved at least a 10 to 15 percent savings on their monthly energy bills compared to standard flat rate. Real-time feedback prompted consumers to shift tasks, such as clothes drying, to times when energy was cheaper. With the efficiencies created by the program, OG&E estimates it could avoid building two new 165MW peaking generation plants between now and 2016, a cost savings of up to $320 million over 10 years.

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