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OG&E Commission Feeder Automation System from ACS

Advanced Control Systems (ACS) has successfully completed delivery and acceptance testing of its FASTapps feeder automation system for Oklahoma City-based OG&E Electric Services.

FASTapps is an open, substation-based system. It supports feeder and substation automation applications that improve power system reliability, quality and efficiency. FASTapps incorporates an adaptive, model-based approach that detects system outages and provides isolation and restoration of un-faulted feeder sections for distribution system self-healing capability.

Scott Milanowski, OG&E lead strategic planner said, “ACS has successfully delivered dozens of remote terminal unit upgrade systems to the company over the past several years. Enhancement of these substation systems with FASTapps significantly increases the operational benefits from our installed equipment base, and it provides us with an efficient approach to self-healing automation of our distribution system feeders.”

Unlike many feeder automation schemes, FASTapps does not rely on a pre-determined scripting sequence or proprietary hardware set to perform restoration. FASTapps uses a substation-based dynamic network model and is based on ACS’ fault detection, isolation, and restoration (FDIR) technology, deployed worldwide at utilities such as Taiwan Power Co. and PPL Electric Utilities. FASTapps also includes optional Volt/VAR control capabilities to support system loss reduction programs.

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