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OATI Announces NERC and Regional Reliability Standards Compliance Tracking Tool

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) has announced its newest service for the energy industry -- OATI webCompliance -- for tracking and managing compliance of reliability standards of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and regional entities. OATI webCompliance is a tracking service that includes modules for compliance tracking, reliability standards management, notification/audit/reporting support, and documentation management. It forms the heart of an effective reliability standards program.

The core strength of the OATI webCompliance system is the tight integration of reliability standards, including all standards' requirements, compliance measures (where applicable), and violation risk factors, with individual company/organization compliance activities and documentation in a user-friendly system for managing reliability compliance.

As a value-added service, the OATI webCompliance tool is pre-loaded with all NERC and Regional Reliability Standards requirements and compliance measures allowing the customer to quickly launch the tracking system. Additionally, OATI will follow and track all changes in NERC and Regional Reliability Standards and will automatically update the solution retaining prior versions and facilitating compliance with the new versions through version control and audit trails. OATI's core business is the energy industry with extensive experience and solutions in place for NERC and for every NERC region. This experience and knowledge of the NERC compliance program elevate OATI above the rest.

OATI offers OATI webCompliance as either a hosted service in which OATI trained technicians host and maintain the system at the OATI state-of-the-art Data Center or as a delivered solution for placement at the customer's site.

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