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NSTAR Unveils Web-based Energy Efficiency Column

NSTAR is launching a new energy advice column on its website. Bill’s Bright Ideas has debuted on the company’s website to help meet the growing demand for energy efficiency information. Featuring tips and facts from NSTAR’s energy expert Bill Stack, the monthly column will highlight the many programs and rebates available to help customers lower their energy use and save money.

“We’re always looking for new ways to let our customers know about the savings opportunities available to them,” said Penni Conner, NSTAR’s vice president of customer care. “Bill’s new Bright Ideas column will help us to share his energy-savings expertise with folks at their convenience in the comfort of their homes.”

The debut column discusses the energy-saving benefits of lowering home heating temperatures and rebates available for purchasing programmable thermostats. The savings by reducing in-home temperatures by just a few degrees at night make this month’s column a must read for anyone interested in taking control of their energy bills.

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