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Norway Utility Implements Infosys CRM

Hafslund ASA, Norway’s largest utility company, has improved customer service through reduced cycle times and streamlined processes. Hafslund leveraged the business consulting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services offered by Infosys Technologies Limited. Hafslund partnered with Infosys to centralize processes across its business units and two product lines with the objective of improving operational efficiency and customer service.

Infosys helped Hafslund transform from a product-centric business to a customer-centric organization. The CRM implementation aims to improve customer relationships by improving service while leveraging information to create additional revenue opportunities. Infosys consultants worked alongside Hafslund’s management and operational executives from business development, marketing and customer servicing functions in Norway to harmonize customer-centric business processes and applications. The recommendations of the harmonization exercise resulted in a CRM solution specific to the Norwegian utilities industry and Hafslund’s business and strategy.

Following the implementation of the CRM solution, Infosys assisted Hafslund with a "change management and training" program to ensure a smooth and successful transition across various business units. The change management program immediately improved various data quality and operational efficiencies. Further, silo-based applications and processes, as well as paper copies of work orders, were eliminated. The integration of processes across departments reduced time from sales to fulfillment, besides reducing re-booking of appointments and wasted trips for field technicians. The customer experience was enhanced by consolidating six front-office systems, providing a unified customer view to customer service executives.

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