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Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative Takes First Step in Corporate-Wide Data Warehousing Initiative

The Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) has selected DataFlux to manage and improve the quality of its enterprise data as the first step of a corporate-wide data warehousing initiative. NOVEC will leverage the DataFlux Data Management Platform to transform its data into a strategic asset, enabling economic and customer load forecasting and driving new power supply strategy initiatives.

NOVEC is a member-owned utility headquartered in Manassas, Virginia that serves more than 145,000 customers in northern Virginia. As part of an effort to generate more complex analytic models, NOVEC embarked on an ambitious data warehousing initiative to get better insight into data across the organization. With data residing in different formats and structures across the enterprise, it was difficult to generate internally consistent and accurate data for its forecasting models.

NOVEC runs a forecast of electric loads each morning that requires manual updates of multiple data sources of varying quality. With DataFlux, NOVEC will automate much of its data management process, thereby reducing the number of manual-hours needed to generate daily reports and improving forecast accuracy.

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