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Northeast Utilities Chooses ePlus for Supplier Enablement, Catalog Management

Northeast Utilities, operator of New England’s largest energy delivery system, has selected ePlus’ Supplier Portal and Catalog Management.

Northeast Utilities chose ePlus based on the company’s responsiveness and flexibility in meeting specific requirements for ease of use and user acceptance. NU sought an application that could add greater efficiencies to its ordering processes, was capable of managing high volumes of transactions and would be accepted by users.

Key requirements for NU included an application that simplified its requisitioning process and provided superior search capabilities to manage NU’s high transaction volume. The proprietary ePlus catalog software was configured to allow users to order directly from the catalog via the NU intranet site without requiring users to log in to the procurement system. Once an order is placed, it is transmitted to NU’s internal system with the user’s departmental information, eliminating the need to enter this information manually.

“The ePlus Catalog+ and Supplier Portal allows NU to manage a single punch out to an aggregated catalog, linking to all other supplier sites and saving NU resources. There is also the benefit of stand-alone catalog item searching, with a single sign-on, and the shopping cart contains items from local and/or punch-out suppliers,” said Ken Farber, president of ePlus Systems, Inc. “This is an example of how our supplier enablement and catalog technology can be used to support anyone’s procurement environment, not just the ones ePlus provides.”

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