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North Carolina City Selects ArcFM, Responder OMS Solution

The City of Shelby has elected to implement Telvent Miner & Miner’s (TM&M’s) ArcFM and Responder as its solution for enterprise GIS and outage management. The company chose ArcFM and Responder along with ESRI’s ArcGIS solution to create a new GIS system.

The City of Shelby is a full-service utility community located in North Carolina serving more than 8000 customers. The Shelby utilities system is a municipally owned and operated combination public utility system that provides water, sewer, electric, and natural gas services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

The City of Shelby has invested significant time and resources toward the development of an enterprise GIS over the last few years. Through this effort, the City has collected an enormous amount of utility data primarily through the use of GPS and field verification. With this wealth of new data, the City realized that the next logical step was to complete the connectivity of the utility data to help with the overall decision-making process in the utility operation center. The City now is able to streamline future data collection, increase response times, and provide a greater level of accessibility to the GIS data for the staff in the field.

“With the addition of ArcFM and Responder, the GIS department will be able to serve spatial data beyond what a typical GIS would normally provide. Utility staff in the field will benefit from more accurate and detailed information provided in a more efficient and timely manner. Together with our extensive data collection efforts, we now have a significant means to save the City time and money,” said Chris Martin, GIS Coordinator, City of Shelby.

The City of Shelby also contracted with GST Consulting, Inc. (GST) to provide GIS consulting, training, and data acquisition services. Telvent Miner & Miner and GST are working with the City to assist in the development and implementation of their enterprise GIS. City of Shelby is projected to go into production with its new solution in first quarter 2007.

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