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North Alabama Electric Cooperative to Deploy Fiber-to-the-Home

Broadband stimulus winner North Alabama Electric Cooperative has selected ADTRAN’s flagship product, the Total Access 5000 Multi-Service Access and Aggregation Platform, Total Access 300 Series ONTs and a full suite of NetVanta routers and switches. These solutions combine broadband and smart grid architectures to deliver business and residential services for unserved and underserved areas in Northern Alabama. Given the diverse topology of towns and rural communities, the cooperative will take advantage of the combination of GPON and Active Ethernet Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) capabilities of the Total Access 5000 platform. This deployment will enable the electric utility subscribers to move from time-of-day rate models to demand response rate models and energy consumption can be monitored and adjusted in real time.

North Alabama Electric Cooperative serves rural Northeast Alabama. Combining its smart grid initiatives with the lack of broadband connectivity to its serving communities, North Alabama Electric Cooperative is investing in state-of-the-art fiber and broadband architectures. This will allow North Alabama to reach thousands of residents in underserved areas within the region as well as businesses, schools, libraries and even the Bellefonte Nuclear facility. The fiber infrastructure will also allow North Alabama to better communicate with the Tennessee Valley Authority, providing near real-time meter readings that will enable demand response for power generation. This project has also served as an engine for economic development, allowing new businesses to develop and grow in the area.

North Alabama selected the Total Access 5000 because it provides the flexibility and scalability to configure and provision advanced triple-play services from a single platform. The cooperative also chose ADTRAN for its outstanding customer service and ability to provide unmatched support throughout the process of launching a new line of business.

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