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Nighthawk Systems Receives 3rd Order from Springfield, Illinois

Nighthawk Systems, Inc. has received a third order from City Water, Light & Power of Springfield, Illinois, for PT1000 logic boards to be used as custom capacitor bank controllers. CWLP was one of Nighthawk’s largest customers in 2006 and placed an initial order for units in the fall of 2006. This recent order follows successful initial implementation of the initial order and a second order from earlier in 2007. CWLP, certified by the American Public Power Association with its highest Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) rating, continually looks for ways to improve its system for the residents and businesses it serves.

The PT1000 is a popular choice for integration into a variety of remote control applications due to its onboard ability to decode a wireless message, convert logic level signals and provide for variable control of up to eight individual relays. No separate relay control board is necessary. Customized software for an application makes it suitable for customers looking for easy to use, reliable remote power control. The PT1000 has recently been purchased for remote sign control by departments of transportation, diesel generator control by cellular site operators and control of network components by wireless Internet service providers.

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