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Nighthawk Systems Delivers Remote Disconnect Units to Port Pierce Utilities Authority in Florida

Nighthawk Systems, Inc. has delivered an initial order of CEO-700 whole house disconnect units to Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) in Fort Pierce, Florida. Fort Pierce is one of more than 2000 communities in the United States served by a community-owned electric utility, and ordered the units as part of a pilot program. Upon successful field testing, Nighthawk anticipates receiving additional orders from FPUA.

Using the proprietary Nighthawk board, the CEO-700 allows utilities to simply save the time and expense of traveling to customer locations to disconnect and reconnect electricity. Utilities can achieve a positive return on their investment in a CEO-700 by activating the unit three times.

H. Douglas Saathoff, Nighthawk's CEO, stated, "Thanks to Stuart C. Irby Company, one of the nation's leading electrical wholesalers and one of our sales representatives, for bringing Fort Pierce to the table for us. We're excited to get this order for a pilot program from Fort Pierce as we know these orders typically lead to larger follow-on orders down the road."

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