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Nighthawk Systems Continues to Sell to Nebraska Utilities

Nighthawk Systems Inc., a provider of intelligent wireless power control and emergency notification products, continues to receive recurring orders for its CEO-700 remote power disconnect units from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD). NPPD has placed two orders for CEO-700's this month. In February of this year, Nighthawk announced that it had also received an order for CEO-700's from Cornhusker Power of Nebraska.

NPPD first ordered from Nighthawk in early 2005 and shortly thereafter approved Nighthawk's CEO-700 as a stock item, meaning that field service personnel can request additional units without having to seek special budgetary approvals. This allows NPPD to keep CE0-700's in stock for use on an as needed basis, reducing order and installation timeframes.

The CEO-700 gives electric utilities the ability to remotely disconnect and reconnect power to electric meters, saving them significant time and money over the traditional manual disconnect/reconnect methods that require field personnel to be dispatched multiple times to customers' premises. A utility can often receive a return on its investment with one service disconnect and follow-on reconnect.

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