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Next-Generation Analysis Software Supports Distribution Systems

Cooper Power Systems has introduced CYMDIST 5.0, the next generation of the company’s popular CYMDIST distribution systems analysis software. CYMDIST 5.0 is an integrated, comprehensive, and flexible set of tools for improving network reliability and efficiency, increasing planning productivity and effectiveness, and resolving abnormal network conditions.

CYMDIST 5.0 includes new features that improve the software’s analytical capabilities, and enhancements that reduce the software’s total cost of ownership to the utility. A refreshed user interface, along with a new contextual help system and user guide combine to minimize user training costs. In addition, the software has improved performance and better integration with enterprise and smart grid data sources, which results in distribution engineers spending less time building models, and more time analyzing distribution systems. Other advanced features have been added such as additional methods for heavily meshed urban networks, harmonic simulations, and improved distributed generation asset models designed to facilitate studying the impact of connecting renewable resources to the grid.

CYMDIST 5.0 also contains a number of new and enhanced modules, including transient stability for simulating electromechanical transients, the network forecaster and advanced project manager to facilitate planning engineer collaboration in preparing and managing time-based projects that can span several years, and arc flash hazard to analyze the entire network using NESC 2007 standards. The new energy profile manager makes accurate time-range analysis anywhere on the distribution network possible using AMR data and load profiles.

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