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New Zealand's WEL Networks Selects Smart Grid Platform

Silver Spring Networks has been selected by WEL Networks for a smart grid deployment in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Silver Spring will provide its smart grid platform – including advanced metering, distribution automation and deployment – to enable WEL Networks to better deliver reliable, efficient, and affordable power to its residential and commercial customers. The first deployment phase of 10,000 customers has now been extended to 45,000 for the coming year. WEL Networks will benefit from the increased flexibility and performance enabled by Silver Spring’s recently announced Gen4 networking technology.

Silver Spring’s family of products embedding Gen4 technology, ranging from Communications Modules to Access Points and Relays, is focused on increasing performance and improving the flexibility needed to meet utilities’ demanding requirements across disparate service territories, deployment approaches, and application needs. With the promise of “Any Transport, Any Territory, Any Endpoint, Any Application,” Gen4 technology provides a platform for additional communications options so utilities can efficiently cover all of their territory, from sparse to dense populations, and support multiple smart grid applications on an integrated, centrally managed IPv6 network.

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