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New Version of Transmission Management Suite Released

Open Systems International, Inc. has released an improved version of its monarch Transmission Network Analysis software package, in support of new transmission and reliability initiatives throughout the electric utility industry.

OSI’s monarch/OpenNet (Open Network Analysis suite) is currently in use by many transmission system operators worldwide, offering real-time and study monitoring and security analysis capabilities. Initially implemented in the mid-1990s, OSI’s Transmission Management Suite has evolved to support various transmission system initiatives including the latest power system apparatus modeling, network modeling and various algorithmic enhancements for improved speed, accuracy and functionality.

This latest release of OSI’s Transmission Management Suite (Release 5.6.0) includes a comprehensive set of new feature enhancements, including the added support for symmetrical multi-processing/parallel processing capabilities for handling a large list of contingencies; phase angle measurements and Phasor Measurement Unit data in State Estimation; support for various data exchange methods, including the latest CIM standard and specific extensions used by regional transmission and market operators such as ERCOT; added support for expanded FACTS devices; enhanced solution speeds for extra large networks (20,000+ buses); NERC State Estimator Performance monitoring; expanded diagnostics for localized problem identification; automatic/dynamic rendering of the network graph using CIM and/or native model format; enhanced Voltage Stability Analysis; Situational Awareness Key Performance Indices for reactive, voltage and active violations and near-violations; and more.

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