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New Diskeeper 2009 Server Edition Released

Diskeeper Corp. had released the new Diskeeper 2009 Server edition.

Packed with performance enhancing technologies, it offers faster application boot times, reduced power consumption for green computing initiatives and extended hardware life for tighter budgets.

To accommodate the ever-increasing demands for faster file access speeds, Diskeeper includes I-FAAST 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology). This squeezes 10% – 80% more speed out of the drive for the most commonly accessed files. This is on top of the notable gains found from standard real time defragmentation.

By defragmenting in real time, computing is now made permanently efficient—due to the drives no longer having to work overtime searching through thousands of fragmented files. The implementation of Diskeeper routinely sees back-up times and anti-virus scans cut in half. This results in wattage and energy savings due to the reduction in power consumption.

By increasing reliability, Diskeeper can extend the life of Windows servers by an additional one to two years. This prevents unnecessary hardware upgrades that place undue pressure on tight IT budgets.

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