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Network Management System Provides Open IP Communications Platform

Ambient Corp. has announced the availability of the latest release of its industry-leading network management system, AmbientNMS. As the cornerstone of Ambient's smart grid infrastructure, AmbientNMS provides a powerful, open and intelligent IP communications platform for the deployment of smart grid applications. AmbientNMS can be scaled to accommodate the increasing number of Ambient X-3100 nodes and related endpoints.

The upgraded capabilities in AmbientNMS include customized lists and maps, data traffic prediction, control modules, and new aggregation tools. These upgrades are part of Ambient's continual process to enhance Ambient's smart grid communications platform.

Ambient's smart grid architecture is designed to promote more reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly energy delivery operations. Its flexibility and functionality allows for efficient two-way communication, collection, analysis and management of energy data from multiple sources and systems not available today from other vendors.

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