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Navajo Tribal Utility Authority Chooses Meter Data Unification, Synchronization System

OSIsoft, LLC has been selected as the meter data unification and synchronization system for the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority.

NTUA supplies electricity, water, natural gas, wastewater treatment, and solar power services to homes and businesses throughout the 26,000 square mile Navajo Nation and neighboring communities. NTUA proposes to lower costs and extend service to the Navajo people by deploying a smart grid architecture with an Advanced Metering Infrastructure as a backbone. NTUA is a recipient of a Department of Energy Smart Grid Investment Grant for installation of electricity related AMI measures.

To date most AMI projects have focused on one aspect of a utility, typically electricity. The NTUA project is unique in that it will employ AMI across electricity, water and gas meters. By employing AMI across all three utility classes, NTUA’s customers will receive an increased positive impact.

OSIsoft will deliver the real-time infrastructure for NTUA’s three utility class AMI system. The OSIsoft MDUS product will provide the data capture and historical repository. It will be integrated into Elster’s EnergyAxis System for reliable and efficient collection of electric, water and gas meter data across the entire NTUA service territory. It will also be integrated with SAP for Utilities to extend the operational efficiencies of that technology.

OSIsoft, through its partnership with SAP, ensures that the complexities of an AMI integration are handled today and into the future. OSIsoft is not just an MDUS solution, but rather it will allow NTUA to apply the same infrastructure used for its MDUS for operations across electricity, gas, water and waste water. Implementation will commence before the end of 2010, completing the MDUS rollout in early 2011.

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