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National Information Solutions Cooperative Offers iVUE-integrated Asset Tracking Solution

Locating, monitoring and protecting fleet and organizational assets is becoming a high priority for many utilities and telecoms. National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) and Pedigree Technologies are partnering to provide NISC members and customers an integrated solution to track, gauge and maintain the status of mobile and distant assets in a real-time format.

“Our members have been looking for a way to avoid having drivers and technicians waving to each other from the field,” said Ryan Larson, Telecom Engineering & Operations Manager at NISC. “By integrating Tag-N-Track system – part of Pedigree Technologies OneView software suite – into SmartTrack, Mobile Workforce and other applicable solutions, we are able to offer utility and telecom organizations the ability to send technicians to the closest event or call in a more efficient manner.”

The Pedigree system, when installed, lets iVUE users track vehicle and mobile equipment on Google Maps, provides reports on past conditions and usage, get real-time asset information and receive asset alerts.

“With iVUE, our members and customers can now get increased accuracy in anticipated call times for customers,” Larson said. “When waiting for power or telephone service to be restored, for example, time is of the essence.”

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