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Nashville Electric Service Launches New Mobile E-billing Solution

Nashville Electric Service has launched a new mobile e-billing solution powered by KUBRA. With this new offering, NES customers can experience all the functionality of the existing e-bill Biller-Direct site on their mobile devices. Initially the mobile solution will support touch-screen specific platforms including iPhone and Android. Phase two will include support for Black Berry Devices.

NES currently uses KUBRA to support three distinct e-billing models – Biller-direct (, e-bill Consolidator (support for both the FIS and Fiserv e-bill consolidator networks) and secure e-mail delivery (enrolled model from the NES Website). NES has achieved an overall paper-less/e-bill adoption rate of 23% after just two and one-half years in production.

With the new Mobile Browser E-billing solution NES will essentially have two distinct biller-direct sites – one for Mobile Browsers and one for Desktop. The system immediately identifies that the user is accessing the site via a mobile browser, for example, and displays the e-billing site optimized for the mobile browser.

KUBRA is planning on working with NES to incorporate SMS/Text messaging as an alternative e-billing/e-notification solution as well as deploying a multi-platform Mobile App solution. With the addition of Mobile E-billing NES is the first utility in North America to support all four e-billing models. KUBRA also supports non-enrolled On-Demand convenience fee payments for NES.

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