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Municipal Utility Leverages Multi-Application Network for Smart Grid ‘Triple Play’

Silver Spring Networks, Inc. has been selected for an advanced, multi-application smart grid deployment for City Utilities of Springfield, a community-owned utility delivering electricity, natural gas and water services to more than 106,000 customers in southwest Missouri. City Utilities’ advanced smart grid program is expected to unlock increased customer value by leveraging Silver Spring’s unified network platform and managed services across its three different services. It is also expected to deliver improved service reliability, reduced operating costs, greater energy efficiency, and to empower City Utilities’ customers to make better energy and water usage decisions.

“Silver Spring’s multi-application networking platform allows us to better manage and reduce operational costs,” said Scott Miller, General Manager, City Utilities. “This solution provides innovative options for all of our customers.”

Silver Spring offers a ready-to-deploy Municipal and Cooperative Smart Grid Solution that makes it easy to rapidly scope, deploy and test results for capabilities such as sophisticated Advanced Metering Infrastructure for electricity, water, and natural gas customers, Demand Response, Distribution Automation, and other critical infrastructure applications over time. Silver Spring is already working with municipal and cooperative utilities such as CPS Energy, Modesto Irrigation District, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Snohomish County Public Utility District and others, to unlock smart grid benefits for their consumers today.

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