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muNet, Corinex Communications Partner to Deliver Integrated BPL AMI

MU Net, Inc. and Corinex Communications have executed a partnership on the development and co-marketing of an integrated AMI platform that is specifically designed for plug-and-play broadband over powerline networks. Under the terms of the agreement, muNet will integrate Corinex 200 Mbps Powerline communication modules with its existing WebGate IP Interface technology and together, the companies will deliver the first commercially available broadband over powerline AMI platform.

As a result of this partnership, utilities will have access to meters with Powerline technology “under-the-glass” that will become individual nodes on their BPL network, enabling advanced metering applications such as remote disconnect/reconnect, on-demand reads and the ability to control devices inside the home for demand-side management. The “BPL-enabled” meters will also act as repeaters in Corinex BPL Access networks to provide broadband services to homes and commercial customers. muNet's WebGate IP Interface meters are currently installed at a number of North American utilities deploying Corinex’s BPL network technology. In addition to continuing integration and optimization of products for the North American utility market, the agreement also calls for the development of a metering platform suitable for international deployments.

Built around standards-based communications technologies including IP and 802.15.4/ZigBee, muNet's WebGate AMI technologies are designed to enable utilities to leverage any multifunctional broadband communications infrastructure to effect advanced metering applications.

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