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More than 75 Utilities Using EnergyPrism Systems

Aclara Software Inc.'s ENERGYprism customer-care solutions are gaining wide industry acceptance, with more than 75 utilities in North America now using all or part of the software suite. Utilities that recently contracted to implement new or expanded ENERGYprism solutions include Ameren, St. Louis, Missouri; Dominion, Richmond, Virginia; DTE Energy, Detroit, Michigan; Duke Energy, Charlotte, North Carolina; Florida Power & Light, Miami, Florida; Green Mountain Energy, Austin, Texas; Hydro One, Toronto, Ontario; Nevada Power, Las Vegas, NV; New Jersey Natural Gas, Farmingdale, New Jersey; Otter Tail Power Company, Fergus Falls, Minnesota; and South Jersey Gas, Folsum, New Jersey.

"The acceptance of ENERGYprism by the utility community confirms the tremendous customer value provided by the software,” said Martin Flusberg, president of Aclara Software. “The solutions are proven to reduce utility costs while offering customers a roadmap for reducing consumption and improving personal efficiencies. At the same time, ENERGYprism supports other utility goals, including increased customer satisfaction and reduced peak loads.”

ENERGYprism is a part of the Ameren Illinois Utilities’ Power Smart Pricing program, for example. Power Smart Pricing, administered by the nonprofit Center for Neighborhood Technology’s CNT Energy, helps customers save money by giving them access to hourly, market-based electricity prices. The program employs ENERGYprism to alert customers to day-ahead prices and present hourly usage and price data, along with strategies for reducing costs. Ameren provides elements of the ENERGYprism suite to its customers in Missouri and recently decided to make it available to all of its Illinois customers.

ENERGYprism allows utility customers to actively manage their personal energy use. The application provides detailed information about usage in a clearly organized manner, along with tools that help customers understand their usage and bills. In addition, ENERGYprism promotes strategies for reducing consumption, offering recommendations based on individual profiles that describe how customers use energy. The application also offers a Program Promotion component that makes it easy to target customers and enroll them in the appropriate utility programs.

Utilities also save money with ENERGYprism. The solution is proven to reduce the number of customer-service calls related to confusing bills, and to increase rates of first-call problem resolution when installed in the contact center.

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