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Modular, Scalable Solution Helps Enterprises Integrate Heterogeneous Data Sources

Sybase, Inc. has introduced the Sybase Data Integration Suite, a flexible and scalable solution that combines key data integration techniques including replication, data federation, ETL (extract, tranform and load), real-time events and data search with integrated development and administration. Combined, these techniques enable enterprises to unleash the latent value of their data assets and improve the speed and quality of business intelligence across the organization.

"Sybase is furthering its leadership in the Unwired Enterprise by combining best-of-breed technologies into suites to simplify the management, integration and mobilization of information," said John Chen, chairman, CEO and president, Sybase. "With today's announcement and the recent launch of our Information Anywhere Suite, Sybase is uniquely positioned to address the full software spectrum between the database and the device."

Sybase Data Integration Suite's broad, integrated capability will help customers gain a competitive advantage by providing an easier, more flexible way to combine data from multiple heterogeneous sources. Building data-rich applications for business intelligence, regulatory compliance, and customer relationship management becomes less complex. The suite builds on Sybase's extensive experience in data integration and offers particular value to enterprises using analytic applications that combine historical and real-time data.

"Recognizing the need for consistent management of all styles of data integration and the issues associated with multiple overlapping data integration tools and vendors, organizations will increasingly seek a single toolset for creating data services, which access, move, transform, integrate and deliver data. Narrow point solutions that address only one style of data integration (such as ETL) or a single use-case -- such as business intelligence (BI) -- are falling out of favor," writes co-author and Gartner Research Vice-President Ted Friedman, in "Predicts 2006: Navigating the Data Management Market and Usage Trends," November 2005.

The Sybase Data Integration Suite, which supports both structured and unstructured data, is strengthened by integrated tools for modeling and design, application development and administration. Modeling and metadata management, provided through Sybase's industry-leading modeling solution, Sybase PowerDesigner, ensures data design and control as integration requirements change to accommodate business needs. The integrated development tooling, Sybase WorkSpace, is based on the popular Eclipse framework.

The suite's modular, easy-to-deploy architecture enables IT managers to introduce new capabilities in an affordable, evolutionary way, immediately supporting tactical integration projects while comfortably scaling to the most sophisticated, enterprise-wide integration programs.

Sybase's Data Integration Suite complements Sybase's recently announced Information Anywhere Suite, which addresses converging enterprise requirements for mobile email, security, device management and application enablement. With the launch of these two suites, Sybase is delivering on its vision of the Unwired Enterprise -- removing barriers in the data flow so that information can flow seamlessly and securely between any data source and any device.

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