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MicroPlanet Completes Contract With Ergon Energy

MicroPlanet has finalized a contract to supply US$6 million of its energy management products to Ergon Energy. This contract replaces the agreement in principle that was announced in August. Under this agreement, MicroPlanet will initially supply Ergon Energy approximately 3,000 voltage regulation systems. Deliveries are expected to start in early 2008.

With an asset base of $6.7 billion and more than 4,000 employees, Ergon Energy distributes electricity to approximately 600,000 customers in regional Queensland, Australia. Its network is the largest of its kind operated by a single distributor, which comprises more than 150,000 km of electricity lines, about 1 million power poles and 70,000 substations. It extends from Birdsville in south west Queensland to Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, over more than 1 million square kilometers.

The Ergon Energy Chief Executive said "Ergon Energy's initial interest in the voltage regulators was to improve power quality. The results of the pilot program showed us the potential for substantial energy and demand savings, which is definitely appealing."

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