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Mexico Company Will Use Cramer Solutions for Powerline Communications Service

Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), Mexico's national power company, has selected Amdocs' Cramer solutions to be the centerpiece of its operations support systems (OSS) environment. Alcatel will be the prime integrator to deploy the Cramer solution.

CFE, which currently provides electrical service to nearly 80 million Mexicans, is completing deployment of a 22,000 km fiber optic network across the country, which will be the second largest in Mexico. The transmission infrastructure will serve as the conduit for voice and data that will be delivered using powerline communications (PLC) technology.

By leasing its network to traditional telecom operators, CFE will become a service provider to other providers. With PLC, millions of Mexicans who reside in areas not served by the regular telecommunications infrastructure will be able to receive high-quality, reliable high-speed services for the first time.

"This undertaking is massive and complex, but critical to improving the lives of Mexican citizens," said Javier Flores Heredia, CFE's communications coordinator. "To be successful, we need a first-class network and OSS. Cramer, Amdocs OSS Division, is well-positioned to meet our next generation service requirements, and its track record in Mexico, throughout Latin America, and worldwide means our OSS will deliver."

Amdocs' Cramer solutions will enable CFE to capture and automate business processes, maintain a centralized, always-accurate inventory of logical and physical infrastructure assets and provide rapid provisioning for its customers. As a result, CFE will be able to minimize operating expenditures while maximizing the utilization and return on investment of its transmission network.

"CFE's use of PLC technology to become a service provider to other providers is an excellent example of how the new world of communications will be defined by new players and new business models, combining to deliver next-generation products and services," said Guy Dubois, president of Cramer, Amdocs OSS Division. "Cramer's end-to-end OSS solution pairs out-of-the-box functionality with unparalleled performance and scalability to allow companies like CFE to meet carrier requirements head-on."

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