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Metrix Implements Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management

Metrix, an electricity meter owner and operator in greater Auckland, New Zealand, implemented Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management to provide a centralized, robust meter data management system and support the company's deployment of smart meters as part of its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Metrix deployed a pilot program on 5,000 smart meters to test its Elster EnergyAxis System, which communicates with customers' electricity meters and then provides interval and consumption data to Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management. The pilot program is helping Metrix evaluate how smart metering technology will enable it to add value to the services it delivers to retail electric providers and energy consumers.

Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management interfaces with any type or brand of meter, providing real-time reads and the ability to disconnect or reconnect the meter. The Oracle system also interfaces to the company's EDMI smart meters to provide one-way communication with smart meters for interval and consumption data. With Oracle, Metrix can reduce workload and effort duplication because the system provides a single, standard interface for the organization and its customers.

Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management provides a number of Web services including instant reads to retailers. It also receives meter setup changes from Metrix's customer information system (CIS) and provides billing meter reads to the CIS.

Metrix's smart meter deployment is the first step in delivering an infrastructure that provides better quality information and meter services to Auckland. Metrix's customers and end users now benefit from faster data acquisition and meter intelligence regarding their usage and peak demand information, as well as the health of the meter systems -- improving revenue streams and service reliability. With smart metering, Metrix will be able to provide its customers with the usage data they need to make informed decisions about their energy use and ultimately reduce the cost of electricity.

As a result of the successful pilot program, Metrix has proceeded to deploy smart meters to the rest of its 300,000 electric customers.

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