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Meter Data Management Working Group Announced

Joint sponsors e-Meter, SPL, TWACS by DCSI, and UtiliPoint International, Inc. have announced the launch of the AMI MDM Working Group that already enjoys the support of state, and federal regulators and many of the utility industry's leading utilities.

This forum is designed for electric, water, and/or gas utilities, regulators, utility governing boards, ISOs, and consumer advocacy groups to come together and discuss meter data management successes, problems, issues, interfaces and best practices.

According to Patti-Harper Slaboscewicz, ex officio AMI MDM board member, "AMI MDM is the forum for making advanced metering work for your utility or region. Whether the goal is operational AMI benefits or price responsive demand response, meter data management is the key investment to success."

In addition, the Working Group uniquely features a governance structure that puts AMI and MDM users, utilities, regulators, and other interested parties in a strong position to work with one another to advance an important topic. The Working Group's full featured website located at www.amimdm.com not only provides information about the forum, but also provides a bevy of free articles, white papers, and studies.

AMIMDM.COM also features a dynamic and secure members-only section where the subcommittees of the working group that include AMI MDM Functionality, Interface to Billing, Interface to DR, Interface to Outage Management, and Interface to AMR, will be able to conduct "virtual meetings," post working papers, and collaborate on the direction of the market.

AMI Working semi-annual meetings have already been scheduled and are filling up fast. The first semi-annual, face-to-face workshop is co-located with Metering Americas in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday April 24-25. AMI MDM members who attend the AMI-MDM workshop in Atlanta will be able to attend the keynote address at Metering Americas in addition to AMI MDM meetings and sessions, and visit the Metering Americas exhibit floor.

Working Group membership is open to any interested party who may join for a small annual fee of $1000 but working group decisions are made by electric, water, and/or gas utilities, regulators, utility governing boards, ISOs, and consumer advocate groups.

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