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Marlabs Partners with Information Builders to Offer Smart Grid Data Analytics Solution

Marlabs has partnered with Information Builders, an independent provider of business intelligence solutions, to launch GridInsight, a smart grid data monitoring and analytics system. GridInsight leverages Information Builders' WebFOCUS and iWay technologies to accelerate the delivery of value from smart grid data.

Deployment of smart meters and digital sensors/controls is leading to a multi-fold increase in the volume of measurement and event data flowing into a utility's IT infrastructure. GridInsight helps utilities get a handle on this flood of data. "Raw" data, originating from diverse grid devices, efficiently converges in this platform where it is processed and converted into information that can facilitate timely tactical actions and strategic decisions. Compliance with CIM and Open Smart Grid standards enables smooth interoperability with other grid assets.

"Critical to a successful smart grid initiative is to ensure that resulting data can be measured and interpreted," said Jeff Holden, Vice President, Marlabs. "With GridInsight, utilities can keep track of the enormous amount of grid information constantly being generated and use it to optimize grid performance. Information Builders' iWay adapters provide out-of-the-box integration capabilities to several common enterprise applications such as meter data management, customer information systems, and customer care and billing (includes Oracle, SAP), while WebFOCUS allows for powerful ad hoc, predictive analytics and business intelligence."

Jay Nair, Senior Vice President, Marlabs, said, "Using Information Builders' software to acquire, transform, and integrate information, GridInsight serves as a key backbone for end-to-end smart grid data management. It provides the insight to guide smart grid implementations, reduce deployment risks, and realize sustainable advantage."

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