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Marlabs Announces Energy & Utilities Practice Based on Smart Grid Technologies

Marlabs, Inc. has launched its Energy & Utilities practice for delivering integrated solutions that enable utilities to make the transition to the smart grid and implement demand management technologies.

Marlabs has been serving the needs of Energy & Utilities customers with IT systems that result in increased productivity and performance. By expanding into the smart grid domain, Marlabs helps its clients build composite applications based on smart grid technologies that improve demand response, reduce energy consumption, and lower carbon footprint.

"We have achieved a number of firsts by building systems that seamlessly link home device sensors with IT applications at the utility end -- communicating over 3G wireless networks. This is testimony to the technological capability as well as the commitment and dedication of the Marlabs team," said Ian Johnson, Program Manager, Energy & Utilities, Marlabs. "By hosting solutions in our newly built data center in Piscataway, NJ, we provide added flexibility and help our clients further reduce total cost of ownership."

"The pressing need for increased efficiency in the transmission and distribution of electricity is one of the factors driving change in the Energy & Utilities sector," said Jeff Holden, Vice President, Marlabs. "Setting up a dedicated practice will enable us to better leverage our systems integration experience in order to help resolve this and other critical challenges faced by utilities today."

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