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Market Operation Suite Enhanced to Support ERCOT Nodal Market

Open Systems International, Inc. has released its Market Participant suite of applications to comply with the new ERCOT Nodal Market design.

OSI’s Generation and Market Management platforms based on its Monarch architecture provide a comprehensive generation management and participant market communication and response interface for utilities participating in centralized energy markets including ERCOT, MISO and other markets.

The ability for control areas, transmission providers and scheduling entities to interface with a centralized energy market has become a paramount issue in today’s de-regulated electric market. In all market groups, real-time interfacing through XML, Internet and ICCP protocols is mandatory for participation. OSI’s Market Operation System (OpenMOS) product can be adapted to the specifics of any centralized market where XML is used for communications, using a powerful XML Messaging interface that eliminates the need for users to understand the mechanics of XML, allowing them to focus on more pertinent market concerns.

OpenMOS is a gateway for communication flow, and provides seamless integration with OSI's monarch and external applications. The latest release includes a powerful, yet simple and elegant Graphical User Interface based on state-of-the-art technology using the Microsoft .NET environment. Users can build their own views of the market data (bids, schedules, deployment instructions, etc.) to suit their particular role in the market.

In addition to a new and advanced Graphical User Interface, the latest OpenMOS release supports the new and upcoming ERCOT Nodal Market requirements. For current users, the new release allows for a smooth transition from the current ERCOT Zonal Market to the Nodal Market, and given OSI's fast deployment approach, new users can be ready for the new ERCOT Nodal Market in no time.

OpenMOS allows the automatic import of schedules and plans from the formalized operating plan, and features automatic implementation of generation deployments to eliminate human error and time delays associated with manual transfers. OpenMOS can be configured to support multiple simultaneous markets, and local storage of messages allows availability to any application or user.

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