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Manitoba Hydro Selects Commodities Trading Risk Management

Manitoba Hydro has chosen RiskAdvisory's SAS BookRunner v12 Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) solution to provide business analytics and data aggregation capabilities to the export power middle office function of its Corporate Risk Management Department. RiskAdvisory, a division of business analytics leader SAS, is implementing BookRunner to enhance Manitoba Hydro's efforts to continually improve its operating capabilities through its technology choices.

RiskAdvisory uses an Enterprise Commodity Risk Aggregation and Analytics (ECRAA) approach to help customers like Manitoba Hydro aggregate disparate data from internal and external sources into a trusted central system to reduce errors and maintain data veracity, then bring the data to life by applying powerful risk analytics, running real-time simulations and generating dashboards and reports. Enabled through BookRunner v12, ECRAA can integrate Manitoba Hydro's existing systems, produce high-value reports and enable advanced analytics – factors that proved to be key strengths which contributed to the firm's selection decision.

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