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Managed Ethernet Switch Supports Video Surveillance, Other Bandwidth-Hungry Applications

GarrettCom Inc.'s Magnum 6K25 Managed Ethernet Switch, a hardened switch that has been widely deployed in substation networks for more than five years, is now enhanced to support up to eight 1-Gb ports. Called the Magnum 6K25e, this switch offers a significant increase in the bandwidth capability of the highly configurable Magnum 6K line of managed industrial switches, allowing deployment of bandwidth-hungry applications such as internal and external video surveillance at power utility substations.

The Magnum 6K25e switches are suited for conditions where the switch must handle a combination of bursty data traffic and high priority streaming traffic, such as security cameras, VoIP, and some PoE devices. User-specified combinations of 1-Gb ports with fiber or auto-negotiating copper ports and 10/100 fiber or copper ports give the 6K25e the flexibility to provide the bandwidth required for a variety of utility applications.

The switch exceeds the IEC 61850 and IEE 1613 industry standards for substation automation products. Hardened for rugged substation-level applications, the 6K25e switch is reliable at extended temperatures and has an EMI-resistant metal case with regular or reverse rack-mount port access. It typically comes with the 125 VDC-250 VDC power used in substations. Other power options, including universal AC and dual source DC power for high availability, are also available.

The Magnum 6K25e uses GarrettCom's MNS-6K network management software that provides management, security and redundancy. MNS-6K software is designed for ease of use, offering features including a GUI interface, secure web management, SNMPv2/v3 management control, 802.1p QoS packet prioritization, tag-based VLANs, IGMP snooping and IGMP-L2 for managing IP multicast, RADIUS and TACACS+, port security, a choice of multiple redundancy options including dual homing, link-loss-learn, RSTP, and GarrettCom's rapid-ring-recovery S-Ring and RS-Ring products.

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