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Major Transmission Company Adopts Advanced Situational Awareness

Open Systems International, Inc. has been selected by a major U.S. Transmission Company to supply it with an advanced new Situational Awareness System for its transmission control centers. This company has requested to remain anonymous for competitive reasons but is classified among the largest electric companies in the United States, with nearly 4 million customers across multiple states and a generation capacity exceeding 35,000 MW.

OSI’s Advanced Visualizations and Situational Awareness system, OSI Landscape is a decision support product, which can be tailored to the specific operational and business objectives of any utility company; combining data mining, mathematical analysis and advanced visualization techniques to concisely and intuitively present system operators with the state of the power grid.

The proposed system is a comprehensive platform that supports advanced visualizations on large display walls, operator workstations and will be used throughout the company for decision support by engineering and operations groups, as well as providing senior management with an effective executive dashboard and real-time business intelligence tool. The OSI Landscape platform will interface with the company’s existing, Energy Management System, as well as various corporate systems including GIS and Asset Management systems. The system is NERC CIP-compliant and provides mission critical availability of better than 99.98%.

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