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Madison Gas & Electric Chooses System for Generation, Transmission Planning

Madison Gas & Electric in Wisconsin has licensed NewEnergy Associates' PowerBase Suite of software solutions, which includes Strategist, PROMOD IV, and the MarketVision data service, to analyze generation and transmission options, forecast locational marginal prices (LMP), value financial transmission rights (FTR), and perform integrated resource planning.

“MG&E will be contemplating several critical and significant investments over the next few years, and needs an advanced toolset that helps us analyze the spectrum of our options and evaluate the risk of these various decisions,” explained Gregory Bollom, assistant vice president – energy planning. “We believe NewEnergy’s planning tools provide the framework for us to efficiently analyze and study our future options to plan for the continued reliable, efficient supply of electricity to MG&E’s customers.”

Norm Richardson, vice president of energy forecasting and planning for NewEnergy, said, “MG&E has relied on NewEnergy’s SENDOUT and NOSTRADAMUS solutions for several years to forecast and plan for the needs of its natural gas customers. With this selection, MG&E is relying on NewEnergy planning solutions to meet the future resource needs of all of its customers. Strategist is the industry standard for determining least-cost resource plans that consider all possible resources such as fossil fuel plants, renewable technology, demand response, and conservation programs. MG&E is now the 20th member of the Midwest ISO to select PROMOD IV for generation analysis and nodal market simulation with the MarketVision data service.”

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