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Macrosoft Upgrades Storm Resource Management Tool

Macrosoft has announced the commercial availability of Resources on Demand Version 3.0. Specifically designed for electric utilities, Resources on Demand (RoD) is a multi-user system that manages resource requests and allocation, tracks personnel movements, and supports logistics during power outages. RoD replaces existing manual processes with a comprehensive application to ensure consistent data integrity and retrieval by storm centers.

This new release incorporates voice of the customer feedback, enhancing the existing resource management and lodging/logistics framework. Features include:

  • real-time integration with callouts/roster management solution
  • interactive team management dashboard
  • configurable resource type and storm roles hierarchy
  • enhanced lodging functionality
  • importing vehicle and equipment repository
  • upgraded user interface
  • data, snapshot and historical reports
Intuitive and user-friendly, the program helps storm center personnel organize crew and equipment allocations, monitor personnel availably, and improve the assignment process. The system leverages historical data and reports to establish best practices used during future events.
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